10 Creative Marriage Proposal Ideas

Now that you have the ring, let’s turn to how you’re going to pop the question. We know how nerve-wracking proposals can be, not to mention the pressure to make it a memorable story that will likely be told over and over again! If creativity is not your forte, don’t worry; we’ve got your back. Whether you want to pop the question in a cute but simple way or you’re wanting to take a page out of a Nicolas Sparks movie and go all out, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite romantic ways to propose to get your partner to say, “Yes!”

Create a Movie

For movie lovers, create a montage video and call up your local theater. Take your partner to the movies and ask them to roll your proposal, “Will you marry me?” with the credits!

Set Up a Scavenger Hunt

Write a series of clues leading to somewhere special where you meet up, get down on one knee, and propose. Consider including a memory from while you’ve been dating with each clue.

Will You Accept this Rose?

For the flower lover in your life, consider giving them roses. Ask your partner to meet you in a public space. Along the route to meeting you, have 11 people hand out individual roses. With the last and final rose and you in sight, drop to your knee and propose. Hint, we recommend having close friends and family participate as one of the 11 people to personalize the marriage proposal that much more. You can also have your friends hold up signs sharing 11 things you love about your partner. 

Include Your Pet

If your pet is well-trained, this proposal is both adorable and memorable. Put the ring on your pet’s collar and get down on one knee.

On a Beach or Hike

I love a good outdoor marriage proposal. I mean, what better place to propose than at the end of a trail? It’s symbolic of your journey, and chances are, the view at the top will be breathtaking. Similarly, if you’re a big fan of the beach, beaches provide a perfect setting especially at sunset. Also, there’s nothing more romantic than, “Will you marry me?” written in the sand.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Whether you compose a series of notes recounting all those special times you’ve spent together or you share photos of those experiences, make these memories the basis of your proposal. As you both swim in nostalgic bliss, the final note or photo comes with the ultimate question (a personal favorite since this is how my Mister proposed to me!)

marriage proposal ideas at home

A Picnic in a Park

Whether you have a friend or family member set up a surprise picnic for you in a park complete with a bottle of bubbly, or you suggest doing a picnic together on a Sunday, this is a perfect outdoor activity and backdrop for a proposal. If you have someone helping you with the surprise, consider asking them to capture photos of that special moment from behind a tree or bench.

Message on a Bottle

If you and your partner love wine tasting, use a winery tour as the guise for your proposal. Pre-plan with the winery a special bottle and place a custom label with your proposal message on it. Have the winery pour from that bottle as you get down on one knee. Hint, later on, if your wedding venue allows it, consider purchasing some of that same wine to serve at your wedding or rehearsal dinner, too! 

Sweet Message

For the couple who loves a sweet treat, consider placing your marriage proposal message inside a fortune cookie, on top of your partner’s dessert, or written in chocolate on the rim of the plate at your favorite restaurant. There’s nothing sweeter than a proposal with dessert!

A Destination Proposal

While Paris is the city of love and lights and arguably one of the most romantic cities to propose in, there are many other places to also pop the question. In Iceland under the northern lights, in Florence on the Ponte Vecchio, in the Maldives on an endless stretch of sand, or in Hawaii at the top of a volcano for example. Relaxing on a trip can take the stress out of popping the question and serve double duty as a pre-honeymoon, too.

However you decide to propose to your partner, remember it’s about the two of you, the culmination of your love story so far, and the start of your journey to the aisle and future as husband and wife. Take a moment to plan out your proposal – after all, your partner will always remember how you asked. And, do consider investing in a photographer or videographer to capture the moment. 

To help you create a memorable marriage proposal and discuss next steps once you’re engaged, reach out to us here. We can’t wait to learn how you popped the question and to start planning your big day!

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