Congratulations! If you’re reading this, it’s likely you are recently engaged and starting the journey of planning your wedding. This is definitely an exciting time! However, it is also a time where you must make a lot of important decisions. The first of which is how to choose your wedding date. There are quite a few things to consider to ensure you land on the right date for your wedding. 

When to Choose Your Wedding Date 

While there is not an exact time to choose your wedding date, in general, the sooner the better. This is because wedding venues and vendors get booked well in advance. So, if you know the venue of your dreams or have always wanted your wedding to be captured by a particular photographer, the sooner you choose your date the sooner you can solidify these certain elements of your wedding day. 

How to Choose Your Wedding Date

If you are ready to choose your wedding date, make sure you consider the following to help you narrow down your options.

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Consider the Season

The easiest way to choose your wedding date is to start with the big considerations, like the season, and narrow it down from there. Do you want a winter wedding? Have you always dreamt of marrying outdoors in the Spring when the wildflowers are in bloom? Or do you want your nuptials in the Fall when the leaves are changing colors? The most popular wedding months (June and September) are in the Summer, and for good reason! However, there is no right or wrong season for your wedding. It all depends on the location, venue, and vibes you want on your special day.

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Consider the Month

For couples who love wintertime, you may choose to have a holiday wedding in November or December. However, it is important to note that if you have your wedding too close to a big family-oriented holiday, it is possible fewer guests will be able to attend. 

If you want to choose a wedding date in the Spring, do a bit of research as to which Spring months have the best weather. You know the saying, “April showers bring May flowers.” It’s important to have an indoor-outdoor wedding space or a tented wedding in case one of those “showers” happens to come on your wedding day. 

Each month brings with it unique considerations. And with the help of a wedding planner, you can be fully prepared for whatever comes, whether that be hot weather in the Summer, rain in the Fall or Spring, or travel plans during the holidays.

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Consider Other Important Dates

While it is important to consider the big holidays–Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Mother’s and Father’s Day, 4th of July, New Year’s Day–there are other dates you may not think about right away but that should be considered. Birthdays are one of those dates. Do you want to have your wedding on or around your birthday or your fiancé’s? What about those of your closest friends and family? While this shouldn’t be a deciding factor in and of itself, it is something to think about, especially if you have flexibility as to when you can have your wedding. 

Consider Your VIP Guests

Who are those guests you most definitely want to attend your wedding? If you simply cannot have your wedding without them, have a conversation before you choose your wedding date. They may have a trip planned in the Summer you didn’t know about that would keep them from being able to come to a July wedding. Knowing this information, you can choose a date that works for all of your most important guests. 

Consider Your Careers 

Do you or your fiancé have demanding careers? Are your careers more demanding in certain seasons than in others? For example, it wouldn’t be wise for an accountant to plan their wedding in March during tax season. Can you think of something similar for your job? Take that into consideration when you choose your wedding date, especially if you plan on going on a honeymoon or even a mini-moon right after you marry. You’ll want to choose a wedding date that gives you the freedom to take a little extra time off of work to celebrate your new marriage.

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Consider Special or Symbolic Dates 

While your wedding date is a special and symbolic date all on its own, consider other important dates both as reasons to and not to have your wedding then. For example, if the date you two began dating is extremely significant to you, consider marrying on the same date years later. Or, if you want to keep certain dates sacred, like your birthday or your proposal date, keep those in mind when you choose your wedding date. 

Consider Your Desired Wedding Venue

Last but certainly not least, if you know your desired wedding venue, it is important to learn their availability before you choose your wedding date. The last thing you want is to go through all of these considerations only for your venue to be booked that day.

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Ok, You Chose Your Wedding Date… What’s Next?

There are so many big decisions to make in regards to your wedding. How to choose your wedding date is only the beginning. We completely understand that it can get overwhelming very quickly, especially when you have a career, social life, and relationship to maintain. That’s where we come in to help. With our full-service wedding planning services, you don’t have to worry about making any of the big wedding decisions on your own. We are by your side from start to finish and use our expertise, knowledge, and passion for weddings to make sure everything about your special day is just right for you. To learn more about what our services entail, click here!