8 Big Ideas for Planning an Intimate Micro Wedding Celebration

For most brides, a “dream wedding” has become synonymous with one that has a large guest count, full weekend agenda, and extravagant details, such as over the top florals and décor. Whether it’s a destination wedding somewhere tropical or a weekend in Aspen, generally the thought process is bigger is better. While it can be fun to invite every single person you know, there is something to be said for hosting an intimate affair–a micro wedding.

These small, private weddings–coined “micro” weddings–have increased in popularity in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Looking ahead, they may even become the norm for those who plan their wedding in 2021 as social distancing guidelines tighten. 

For couples looking to hold a smaller, more intimate celebration surrounded by their closest family and friends, a micro wedding may be the perfect answer. 

What is a Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding is a nuptial affair with 40 people or fewer in attendance. While a smaller-scale celebration, don’t confuse a micro wedding with an elopement. Both are small, but an elopement implies a spontaneous, quick wedding with few (if any) guests, whereas a micro wedding is anything but. 

Trading an extravagant affair for a smaller one doesn’t mean a Vegas chapel or a quick trip to the courthouse. In fact, it is quite the contrary. A micro wedding contains all the elements of a traditional ceremony, including a beautiful venue, photographer, florals, cake, and decor. Plus, they offer benefits that large, traditional weddings cannot. 

Benefits of a Micro Wedding 

With a smaller guest list, micro weddings enable you to spend more quality time experiencing your big day with your closest friends and family. This smaller guest count also provides room in your budget to include special and more lavish touches. With fewer people, it may be easier to achieve those Pinterest-worthy wedding details without completely breaking the bank.

Additionally, you can spend more money per guest–be it on the catering and bar, gift bags, or accommodations–to ensure each person has a memorable experience.

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Big Ideas for a Small, Micro Wedding

If you are considering having a micro wedding, check out our biggest ideas for the perfect intimate wedding celebration. 

1. Choose a Unique Destination

Having an intimate wedding gives you more flexibility to find locations that are meaningful, exciting, or out of the ordinary. While a large wedding requires a large traditional venue space, a micro wedding can take place pretty much anywhere. Consider marrying at the top of a mountain in Wyoming or a vineyard in Napa. With unique wedding venue options, the location becomes an integral part of the wedding experience… and can even be a vacation, too. 

2. Emphasize Your Ceremony

A smaller guest count means you can have fun with your ceremony seating by incorporating unique elements such as pews or garden benches. With a more intricate focus on the little details, each aspect of your wedding can be fully transformed to encompass your wedding vision at every turn.

Tips for Scaling Down Your Wedding

3. Splurge on Your Dream Tabletop

When you only have a small group to entertain, you can treat them to the most beautiful china, specialty monogrammed linens, personalized paper goods, and surprises at their seats. Then your wedding table becomes more than a place to eat. It becomes the space where you gather together, share past memories, and create new ones with your closest loved ones. 

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4. Put the Haute Into Cuisine

If you’re a foodie, a smaller guest list gives you the opportunity to create a custom menu with your caterer. You can add courses and menu items you might not have been able to with a larger wedding. Consider adding table-side or French-style service for a luxurious touch.

5. Feast in Style

Incorporating long feasting tables into a wedding is an elegant décor decision that we adore. And a smaller guest count at a micro wedding allows you to create a truly intimate dinner party where everyone is hosted at one long table for dinner.

micro wedding

6. Upgrade Your Bar 

If you have a larger wedding, you have to be more budget-conscious when it comes to serving your guests. As such, offering each guest a pre-ceremony cocktail may not be feasible. However, with a smaller guest count, you can afford to kick things off with a pre-ceremony signature cocktail or champagne pour for everyone. Add edible flowers and herbs or special touches, such as personalized stir sticks and coordinating straws, to each drink for a more unique cocktail experience.

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