Post-COVID Wedding Trends That Are Here To Stay

2020 changed weddings in more ways than one. From postponements to cancellations to weddings with few or no guests, we were all trying to figure out how to navigate ever-changing safety rules and regulations while still helping couples get married. Now, thanks to mass vaccinations and states lifting restrictions on large gatherings, weddings can look more or less normal. However, what normal means may have changed. With the resurgence of weddings and a wedding boom expected in 2022, I couldn’t be more thrilled for my couples as we plan weddings again. While some wedding elements will go back to the way they were before, here are six post-COVID wedding trends that developed during the pandemic that don’t seem to be going away.

6 Post-COVID Wedding Trends

From smaller weddings to more intentional vows to non-traditional venues and wedding attire, here are the top six wedding trends I believe are here to stay even as the pandemic moves behind us.

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1. Intimate Weddings with More Curated Guests Lists

In general, COVID helped people see the importance of family and close friends. Intimate weddings exemplified this with smaller guest lists, as micro weddings became a popular trend in 2020 because of social distancing guidelines. And while couples and guests alike were often disappointed about shrinking their guest list, the result was often better than imagined. While there will always be an exception to the rule, I believe couples will continue to embrace a scaled-back wedding in the foreseeable future.

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2. Outdoor Weddings in Unique Spaces

Social distancing and safety rules in 2020 promoted many more couples to move their wedding outdoors. Doing so highlighted the unique, non-traditional spaces available that can transform into beautiful wedding venues. Because of this, I believe we’ll see more beach, garden, and elevated backyard weddings and celebrations taking place in the great outdoors.

3. Live Streamed Weddings for Far Away Guests

As a solution to not having all of their guests attend their wedding in 2020, many couples chose to live stream their ceremony with the help of video conferencing software like Zoom. Although people are now more safely traveling across the country and the world, this is a post-COVID wedding trend that likely won’t go away, at least not right away. Having the option for friends and family to celebrate with you in real-time even if they cannot attend your wedding in person is a delightful bonus that the pandemic required but post-COVID couples may choose. This also enables couples to keep their weddings intimate without having to scale down their guest list. Simply invite VIP guests to attend the wedding in person and offer a virtual experience for others.

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4. Emphasis on the Details

Small, intimate weddings in 2020 gave couples more opportunities to focus on the details. Without an elegant venue and extensive guest list to manage, there was more time to curate an intentional wedding space through florals, lighting, table settings, and more. This attention to detail, I believe, won’t be going anywhere throughout 2021 and beyond.

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5. Fashion-Forward Weddings

Because couples moved away from traditional weddings in 2020, brides also adjusted their wedding attire. Stemming from the fashion industry and brides responding to different types of weddings, such as elopements and mini-monies followed by a sequel wedding, brides opted for both a ceremony and reception dress. Additionally, traditional wedding dresses didn’t always take center stage. Instead, brides wore different fashion styles adapting to accommodate outfits, including pantsuits, bridal separates, and mini-dresses of various textures, fabrics, and styles. This fashion-forward approach to wedding attire was well received, and I believe we will continue to see brides opting for non-traditional wedding attire well into the future.

Wedding vows

6. Emphasis on the Meaning of Marriage

While 2020 brought with it many hard, trying times, some good came from these unique and altered weddings. Personally, I loved witnessing all of the intimate vows couples exchanged. The common theme of letting love win and not taking love for granted as they celebrated “small” in 2020 and early 2021 rang loudly. I believe we’ll see continued emphasis on the meaning of marriage, shown by couples writing personal vows to each other, bringing in celebrants and officiants who are meaningful to them, and creating beautifully styled ceremonies.

Post-COVID Wedding Planning with HauteFêtes

At HauteFêtes, we are thrilled that weddings are beginning to take a familiar shape and are excited about the post-COVID wedding trends that are here to stay. We would love to help you design, plan, and execute your wedding vision with all of this in mind. No two weddings are alike, and our team is dedicated to helping you curate a celebration that is meaningful to you. Let’s get started today!

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