Wedding Day Hair and Makeup: Do’s and Don’ts Every Bride Needs to Know

Now that you’ve bought your dress and you’ve begun to check off your wedding to-do’s, you’ll want to think about your wedding day hair and makeup. After all, your wedding day is the most photographed day of your life so naturally, you’ll want to look and feel more beautiful than you ever have before. You will also want to make sure that your look represents you and your style. To avoid any wedding day blunders and keep you stress-free, the following are my top Do’s and Don’ts to ensure you have a successful hair and makeup trial and that your wedding day beauty program goes smoothly.

1. DO create a mood board to set the vision for your look

In previous posts, I’ve waxed poetic about the pros and cons of Pinterest for weddings. In this case, I think it’s a great platform for helping you refine your makeup inspiration for your big day. Having visual references can better articulate what you have in mind – especially if there are several looks to your day (or weekend for that matter). Just be sure to explain to your artists what elements you love in an image – whether it’s a soft, smokey eye, a pop of coral lipstick or soft tendrils around the face. Creating a mood board with your various looks, as well as a photo of your dress and any accessories you plan to use will help the hair and makeup artist get an idea of your vision and importantly, what you’re comfortable with. I always say, what you don’t like is just as important as what you do like.

2. DO schedule a wedding day hair and makeup trial run and take photos

It’s important to find someone who understands your style so consulting a few different wedding day hair and makeup artists early on is key. If you’re getting married during peak wedding season, you’ll also want to book your artist at least six to nine months in advance to ensure you get the best. Check out the artist’s style by looking at their website and Instagram. I always recommend a trial (or two) well ahead of time – especially if you are inclined to try out an artist first before booking.

A few insider tips for your trial. First, be sure to wear white – whether that’s a dress or a basic tee. Whites can be draining, which means makeup will likely need to be beefed up a little to compensate. Second, be sure to have your hair done as you plan to wear it at the wedding which may also mean bringing your veil and any hair accessories to the trial. Avoid playing around with new hair pieces on the day. Third, having your makeup professionally done usually means wearing more color than you’re used to. Seeing both hair and makeup and the whole effect together will put you in the moment and ensure you feel comfortable sporting your wedding day beauty look. Finally, once your trial is done and the look is agreed upon, take detailed notes and pictures, including the brands, colors, and brushes used. That way, both you and your artist have something to refer back to on the day.

3. DON’T neglect pampering your face prior to your big day

If you haven’t been diligent about your skin-care routine, running out to get a facial too close to your wedding is likely not the solution. In fact, invasive treatments too close to the wedding day when your skin isn’t accustomed to it may cause a spot outbreak or skin reaction such as redness. Planning ahead is key to getting that hydrated, healthy, glowing skin look. I recommend starting about six months out in order to get your beautiful face into great wedding shape and ensure you look your very best. For best results, look into a medispa like Alcheme which offers cosmetic versus clinical options.

In addition to a regular skin regimen, be sure to hydrate in the week leading up to your big day – especially during your rehearsal dinner or welcome party. Of course kick off your wedding weekend with a cocktail or two, but just keep in mind that alcohol will dehydrate the skin and worse, give you under-eye circles that are harder to cover up.

4. DON’T forget to pack a touch-up kit

With all the smiles, kisses, and champagne toasts, even the most well-applied makeup is bound to fade. Work with your makeup artist in advance to put together a ‘touch-up kit’ that includes your lipstick, a small powder compact and powder blush (or blotting papers), a brow brush, and concealer. I always suggest adding a small travel-size hair spray to tame any flyaways, too. If you’re working with a stylist or day-of dresser, give the touch-up kit to them to hold onto. If not, ask your MoH to keep tabs on your kit to make sure your makeup looks fresh from the day into the night.

5. DO Be YOU in your wedding day hair and makeup

With someone else doing your hair and makeup, it can be really tempting to indulge and let your artist provide all the direction to your bridal beauty look. However, your wedding day is not the time to experiment with a bold new look, especially if you typically don’t wear much makeup. It’s also not the time to play with a new hairstyle – such as cutting off all your hair or adding extensions. For sure, take your makeup up a step – in fact, with all the photographs it’s almost imperative that you do a bolder look than what you’re used to. However, keep it in line with how you usually do your makeup, so you look like you on your wedding day, not someone people won’t recognize! One look that never fails: radiant skin, rosy cheeks, flushed lips, and some definition on the eyes. Using a soft brown or charcoal eyeliner instead of black will add the perfect amount of definition. I’m all for a classic Hailey Bieber bun or an Emma Stone red lip. Generally, though, I think that the best bridal hair and make-up is simply the most exquisitely polished version of YOU and how you usually look.

6. DON’T feel like you can’t speak up

This tip is important, ladies!! PLEASE don’t hold back your concerns because you’re afraid of hurting your artist’s feelings! This is your wedding day and your artist cares about your happiness as much as anyone in your bridal party and is solely focused on making sure you are the very best version of yourself. If you want something about your look changed, discuss it with your artist during the trial or the next day, once you’ve had time to “live” in your look for a few hours. An artist would much rather know your concerns sooner so that any fixes can be made prior to your big day.

Creating the perfect day requires a planning checklist that includes everything from setting up your wedding website to deciding your music, but don’t let your hair and makeup take a back seat in the planning process. Schedule time to perfect your look so that you feel beautiful when you walk down the aisle! For more bridal beauty advice and to plan your perfect wedding, drop me an email to schedule time to discuss your big day!

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