2021 Wedding Trends with Dani Blasena of HauteFêtes

When Dani Blasena––owner and creative director of HauteFêtesa California and Italy-based wedding planning company––got into the business of designing and executing high-end events, she did not predict the impact the year 2020 would have on the industry. She shares, “2020 has been incredibly tough for the wedding industry at large––from clients canceling or postponing weddings to furloughs across our vendor teams to venues forced to close, I’m looking forward to 2020 being in the rearview mirror.” This is a resounding sentiment held by many. 

With a new year comes a new vision and a hopeful outlook, (despite the chaotic start to 2021). “If the unfortunate start to a new decade taught us anything though, it is that love does in fact win, kindness is key, and business adaptability goes a long way. Heading into 2021, at HauteFêtes, we remain focused on our core strengths: our innate agility and deep customer-centricity,” explains Dani. 

Along with updating branding for HauteFêtes to reflect an evolution in their approach towards cleaner, more intentional and authentic client design, new partnerships are on the horizon in 2021. Dani shares, “I am beyond excited to work with several new partners that share our client-centered ethos and passion to do whatever needs to be done to create a flawless event.” 

And what exactly will these flawless events look like in the new year? We asked Dani to share her predictions for 2021 wedding trends. If you are planning your 2021 or 2022 wedding, take careful note of what to expect and how to plan the wedding of your dreams this year. 

2021 Wedding Trends: What to Expect

When asked what trends to expect in the new year, Dani shares: “2020 taught us to reject the non-essential. I think this will continue into 2021 weddings as couples move away from overly affected styles like ‘boho’ and mid-century modern in favor of a more timeless and authentic look and feel.” More specifically, here are the five 2021 wedding planning and design trends Dani sees on the horizon.

2021 Wedding Trend Predictions

Micro Weddings and Intimate Celebrations

“Despite the increasing availability of a vaccine, smaller, more intimate celebrations are here to stay,” shares Dani. “We’re going to continue to see weddings that feel more like intimate dinner parties with guest counts in the 30-50 range versus huge, highly produced and styled affairs.” If you are planning such an intimate celebration, be sure to check out these eight big ideas for planning a spectacular micro wedding.

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Wedding Days Turned to Wedding Weekends

“In 2021, we’re going to see couples make their wedding an entire weekend experience rather than just one day. With the focus on longer celebrations and time spent connecting with their loved ones and guests, these experiences become even more special.” With expertise in creating unique and memorable guest experiences, Dani knows how to make the magic last throughout an entire weekend.

All the Little Details

In 2021, get ready for frilly, feminine details paired with clean, modern silhouettes. “Whereas in the past, fashion and style trends usually have forced couples to lean one way or another, this year I’m seeing wedding fashion (and fashion in general) embrace a much more varied and opposing look and feel.”

Gaining much of her wedding design inspiration from high fashion, Dani is keenly aware of 2021 wedding trends based on what other affluent industries are predicting as well. “We’ll likely see non-conforming combinations, such as boho girliness with a structured blazer, ruffles with shoulder pads, clean silhouettes paired with lots of details like tiny tie detailing, pearls and lace. As a bride, this means you can have it all!”

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Venues that Deliver Experiences

You can say goodbye to traditional wedding venues in 2021. Dani shares: “We’re going to see couples trend away from ballroom style weddings and instead lean towards venues that offer their guests a unique setting or experience. Whether it’s a wedding ceremony against a backdrop of redwood trees, a cocktail hour set among architectural ruins, or a reception under the stars and overlooking the ocean, the settings for our couples’ weddings will be much more unique and special.”

While cost definitely has an impact on the wedding venue a couple chooses, Dani doesn’t see this being much of a barrier to this 2021 wedding trend. “Where a unique setting isn’t an option, I think we are going to see clients allocating budget to create a more intimate, albeit show-stopping, reception,” she explains. “This includes the addition of structures and tents, decorative lighting, and specialty rentals.”

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Textured Florals, Bold Colors, and Persistent Patterns

“In 2021, we’re going to see florists pairing florals with textures such as grasses and unique foliage. I also love the eco-friendly trend towards incorporating silk and dried florals into arrangements and installations.” 

Texture is trending when it comes to 2021 wedding predictions, and bold colors and patterns are following along with it. “While, personally, I’m not 100% sold on Pantone’s ‘Illuminating’ Yellow as a color of the year, I do predict we will see bolder statement pieces and accents of color, such as in paper goods, mixed in with a more neutral tablescape or florals for example.” Even with this trend, Dani doesn’t believe neutrals are gone for good. “I love neutrals, and I don’t think they will ever not be vogue. We will just see them worked in with bolder color options.”

While these 2021 wedding trends are true for design, they will also find their way into wedding attire. “Moving away from matching bridesmaid’s dresses in favor of letting your maids wear something they feel comfortable in will also lend variation and texture to weddings in the new year,” explains Dani.

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Planning a 2021 or 2022 Wedding: Advice from a Wedding Planner

When asked what advice she has for couples who are planning and designing their wedding in the new year, Dani offers two pieces of wisdom:

“I have two pieces of advice for wedding planning heading into the new year: start planning now! If you’re looking to have a 2021 wedding––trust me––do not wait one more minute to start planning. With so many postponements from 2020, it’s going to be a tough year to secure the venues and vendors you want, so don’t hesitate. In the same vein, don’t wait to start planning your 2022 wedding either since many recent couples share the same mindset and are finding that 2022 is their only recourse.”

“Second, trust your planner to help you negotiate your venue and select all of your vendors. If you want a cohesive look and feel, and you love your planner, let them handle pulling together the best vendor team for you and your budget. This is especially important if you’re planning a 2021 or 2022 wedding since they may be able to secure vendors that you ordinarily might not. Not only does that mean you’ll get the best talent working your wedding, but it will be a much smoother journey to the aisle on both sides.”

The time is now to consider these 2021 wedding trends and start planning your upcoming wedding. With limited client spots available, Dani looks forward to solidifying her couples for this year and next, dedicating the time and consideration needed to bring their wedding vision to life regardless of when it takes place. 

To work with Dani for your wedding, submit an inquiry today. This is your year. Make it count by partnering with HauteFêtes––the wedding planner you’ve been dreaming about to help you plan the wedding of your dreams.

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