5 Must-Have Splurges for Your Wedding Day

Planning your dream wedding involves making countless decisions, and among those are those potential luxury splurges that will enhance your special day. Recognizing that you’ve already made some pretty significant investments into your day, the last thing you may want to do is to spend more; but some add-ons can truly make a memorable and practical difference. To ensure your wedding day is as magical as you’ve always imagined, consider these five must-have splurges as real investments that will ensure your special day isn’t just beautiful—it’s unforgettable.

1. Your Bridal BFF: The Day-of Dresser

On your wedding day, you deserve to look and feel your absolute best. Hiring a professional day-of dresser is a trending splurge that ensures your gown is flawlessly pressed, your accessories are corralled, your veil is expertly placed, and your overall look is picture-perfect throughout the day. A day-of-dresser will help you into your dress, and also follow you and your photographer around during portraits to assist with your bouquet and fix your veil and dress, tie bow ties, sew a snagged seam and help you with a second dress change. This expert touch and peace of mind guarantees that you radiate confidence, allowing you (and your squad) to focus on the joy of the moment rather than worrying about your attire and getting it all ready.

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2. Save Those Stilettos: Rent a Golf Cart

Cruise around your venue with ease by renting a golf cart. While most venues own golf carts, typically these are for the use of hotel versus wedding guests, and often not readily available when you need most them. This practical splurge provides you with the flexibility to cruise around a venue on your own time, ensuring you don’t miss out on any photo opportunities. Whether you’re dashing to the perfect sunset spot or exploring different scenic locations, your own private golf cart allows you to navigate your venue effortlessly, making your wedding day photos truly spectacular. And, when not in use by you and your photographers, your golf cart will also allow you to transport elderly (or shoe-challenged) guests between locations – trust me, they will thank you! (For an extra splurge, why not dress up your golf cart in your wedding colors!)

3. Pamper & Primp: Extend your Hair and Makeup Team

Consider giving yourself time on your wedding day to sleep in a little by splurging on additional hair and makeup artists, so that you don’t have to start your day (or your squad’s day) at the crack of dawn. While your makeup and hair (MUAH) stylist will provide you with team sufficient to handle you, your maids and mums, often the larger the group, the earlier the start. Asking your MUAH lead to add on an additional hair and makeup stylist will allow you to comfortably push back the start time of what will already be a long day so you can enjoy a leisurely morning. Imagine savoring a delicious breakfast with your bridesmaids, getting a facial or a workout in, or even better a private boudoir shoot the morning of. Also, if you’re planning a reception or after party dress change, consider adding additional time with a concierge service through your lead stylist for a MUAH change to match that second look!

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4. Spoil Yourself: Morning Spa Indulgence

Start your wedding day on a serene note by treating yourself to a pre-ceremony spa experience. Consider splurging on a scalp massage or a facial to relax your senses and ease any pre-wedding jitters. This indulgence not only rejuvenates your skin but also provides a calm, peaceful beginning to your day. By embracing these moments of self-care, you’ll enter your wedding ceremony with a radiant glow and a tranquil, in the moment mind.

5. Memorable Keepsake: Hire a Live Wedding Painter

While nothing will replace the photographs (or video) of your wedding, a live painter will beautifully and artistically capture the essence and emotion of your day in a unique way. Consider hiring a live wedding artist to capture the energy and emotion of your celebration in real-time. This wedding trend is growing in popularity because not only does the finished product become a cherished memento, but it is also an interactive experience for your guests.


When you consider adding these must-have splurges to your big day, not only you will gain additional peace of mind, but you’ll also elevate your experience and create lasting memories. If you’re interested in learning more about the design and planning services we offer and how we help our couples elevate their wedding weekend experience and that of their guests, feel free to contact us here. Cheers to a day filled with love, laughter, and the luxury you deserve!

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